Airhero® is a brand in General Aviation that covers:

  • development and production of certified, state-of-the-art Airframes, Propulsion Units (engine & propeller) and associated parts (components, semi products, etc.) & appliances (electronic equipment and systems).
  • the endeavor to give wings and a bird's eye view to everyone by traversing and certifying technologies from other industry domains (e.g. automotive) for use in aviation empowering innovative, new and very cost effective solutions.
  • the commitment to use modern technologies when ever appropriate. The emphasis is put on lowering the development risk by implementing as simple and as low-tech as possible to the highest economical degree possible.
  • fostering of Aviation by having a truly high level of Safety & Quality and by enabling cost efficient solutions in aviation with innovation.
  • complementing all of the products, parts and appliances branded under Airhero license with comprehensive service, and a strict customer value culture.

Under this brand the foremost goal is to make the world safer & better, to be helpful and to provide true value to the customer with the products, parts, appliances and services branded under Airhero license.